snorkyp: what is your favorite facebook sticker, what is the worst show you have watched more than one episode of

HAHAHHA UHHHH I think my favorite is the egg set. Because i like eggs. Andddd I watched all of that one anime based off of a nitro+ game.. It was so bad.. I watched all of it in one night… wow

Anonymous: what is your favorite thing in your room, not including electronics

I keep a small music box by my bed and it’s really cute and nice -u-


it’s tmi tuesday how about that

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which one, friends?


i’m the lamest person you’ll ever meet

I thought nitori’s story in today’s ep was very relatable as an artist 
go comfort your senpai momo

itsa me mario

tried to draw but it just wasn’t happening today 

and chun hee is eating honey

I saw this post and then this happened.. I’m sorry..